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Fundamentals of Investing

Buyback of shares

Buyback of shares

What are the goals of a company launching a share buyback. How buyback affects profits. How to try to make money on it.

Types of share prices

What is the value of shares

What is the value of shares of open joint-stock companies. Differences between ordinary and preferred shares.

The concept of stop loss

What is stop loss

The mechanism for limiting losses in cases where the direction of price movement was determined incorrectly - stop loss. An alternative to stop loss.

Buying foreign shares

Purchase of shares of foreign companies

How and where, at present, Russian investors can buy shares of the largest foreign companies. Purchase of shares of foreign companies on Russian stock exchanges.


Private investment. Mutual investment fund or individual management?

What is more profitable and safer for private investments: mutual funds or trust management?

How to choose a profitable mutual fund

Choice of mutual fund (UIF)

The main criteria for choosing a reliable and profitable mutual investment fund in modern conditions. Selection algorithm and what you need to pay attention to.

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Fundamentals of Investing
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