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Purchase of shares of foreign companies

Russian investors working on the securities market are particularly interested in buying shares of foreign companies. The advantage of such an investment is that the stock market in Western countries has been formed for many years and is therefore more predictable. And on most stock exchanges, there is a rule according to which an enterprise will simply not be allowed to trade in its securities without providing full financial statements.

There are several ways for a Russian investor to enter the international stock market. Large financial companies of the country have their representative offices abroad or have entered into agreements with foreign brokerage houses. Through such structures, you can get access to foreign securities.

It is also possible to conclude an agreement on brokerage services between foreign companies and Russian legal entities and individuals. This makes it possible to carry out transactions with securities on the trading floors of other countries. All information about concluded transactions is transmitted via secure digital channels, which ensures complete confidentiality.

Recently, shares of the most liquid foreign companies can also be bought on Russian stock exchanges with the possibility of keeping shares in domestic depositories. If you decide to try your hand at trading foreign securities, you must first conclude a service agreement with a brokerage company. In order to carry out trading operations in the future, you must transfer a certain amount of money to the companys account.

The most difficult task remains the choice of assets to be sold or bought. To get a high income, you need to be well versed in the state of foreign companies. To help investors, a sufficient number of sites have now been created where you can get acquainted with analytical information that will help you choose the right shares of a particular company. It is possible to subscribe to the mailing list of such materials. But many investors themselves develop trading strategies, with the help of which they predict the dynamics of the price of certain securities.

The World Wide Web now offers Russian investors an excellent opportunity to find comprehensive information about those companies that provide legal entities and individuals from Russia with access to the foreign securities market.

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Purchase of shares of foreign companies
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