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Shares give their owner the opportunity to earn not only on the price difference in their purchase and sale, but also at the expense of dividends. Dividends are the right of a shareholder to receive a portion of the companys profits. The decision on the expediency of their payment and the amount of dividends per share is taken annually by the board of directors and, as a rule, depends on the profitability of the company.

As a rule, dividend amounts are not very large and are at the level of bank deposits, which allows you to own shares in the long term and receive additional income.

To find out the amount of dividends you should receive or pay for previous years, you can use our calculator. Select the name of the company you are interested in, indicate the number of shares you have and select the year of dividends.

Dividends on shares

Amount of dividends: r.

Expected dividends for the next year are based on an analysis of the companys financial performance, corporate dividend policy, historical data for previous years, and the companys earnings forecast for the future. This data is estimated.

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