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How to sell shares

If you have securities purchased directly without brokerage, inherited or left after privatization and you want to sell them, then we will tell you how to do this. There are several options.

Sell shares to a private person

First of all, you can sell shares to anyone who is interested in acquiring them. In this case, you can get a good price, but you have to tinker a bit.

To confirm ownership of the shares, you will need to obtain a statement from the shareholders account. This extract can be obtained from the registrar. The registrar can be either the company that issued the shares (the issuer) or the registrar. The statement must contain all the shares you own, the full details of the issuer, account number, passport details of the owner, data of the registrar, seal and signature.

Having an extract in hand, you can sell your shares under a purchase and sale agreement to any person. Then it will be necessary to apply to the registrar to re-register the securities to the new owner. This may require the registration of the transaction with the registrar and the involvement of a notary. This process may vary from organization to organization, so you need to clarify all questions before you make a sale.

Sell shares to issuer

In many cases, it is possible to sell shares to the company that issued the shares (to the issuer). To do this, you need to contact the company by phone or via the Internet and find out the possibility of selling and the necessary conditions.

Lets take Gazprom shares as an example. To sell them, the owner of shares needs to personally apply to the depository (place of storage of shares), provide their documents and carry out the procedure for selling shares. The whole procedure may take several tens of minutes.

Sale of an investment company (to a broker)

To sell shares, you can contact any broker who buys shares from the public. This way of selling shares is quite simple, since the broker will do all the necessary work for you, you only have to sign a purchase and sale agreement and receive money. But, everywhere there are drawbacks, the broker will either have to pay some percentage or the share price will be lower than the market price.

Selling shares on the stock exchange

This option allows you to sell shares directly on the stock exchange at their market price. To do this, you will have to do a number of actions.

First, you need to find a reliable brokerage company that has the ability to sell shares on the securities market and conclude a brokerage service agreement and a depository agreement with it.

Then we draw up a transfer order for the transfer of shares from your personal account with the registrar to the account of a brokerage company or draw up an inter-depository agreement with the transfer of shares from your depo account to the brokers account. The owner of the shares does not change from this procedure. Only the nominal holder of securities changes.

At the third step, after the shares are transferred to the brokers account, we transfer the shares to your depo account in the brokers depository and wait for the shares to be credited.

After the shares are credited to your account, you can already independently sell shares on the stock exchange at any time yourself, via the Internet or by calling your broker.

The money for the shares, after they are sold, goes to your account with the broker. You can withdraw them either to your bank account or receive them at the brokers cash desk. Do not forget that if you received income from the sale of shares, you will need to pay 13% tax on the profits received. Almost all brokers can pay this tax for you.

Despite all the apparent complexity of this option, it is the most flexible and profitable. Any questions you may have can be clarified with your broker. You also get the opportunity to earn on the securities market (buy and sell shares) by investing in the most promising companies.

Good sales!

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How to sell shares
Elena2021-01-2619:03Rating: 5
Tell me where you can sell the shares inherited and at what price. Namely, 1100 shares of Gazprom
Sergey2021-01-2712:13Rating: 5
As written in this article, there are several options for selling shares.
The most affordable and profitable, for a simple layman, is to contact the nearest Gazprom depository (the place where shares are stored and recorded) and sell these shares directly to Gazprom. Here the price will be market and intermediaries will not have to pay. The problem is that not all cities have depositories. If somewhere close, then you can go, the difference in commission to intermediaries will cover all this and still remain.
Another option is to contact an intermediary. In any city there are individuals and organizations involved in buying shares from the population. In this case, the price will be non-market, as a rule, below the market. Plus, there may be additional costs associated with paperwork, commission, etc. But, if you don’t want to go to the depository and bother with independent trading on the stock exchange (through a broker or a bank), then where to go ...
The price of Gazprom shares today and who to sell them to can be found here: Gazprom Shares
Paul2021-10-2519:57Rating: 5
Good afternoon. Can you tell me the value of the shares of PJSC NK Rosneft-Altainenefteprodukt? What exchange are they traded on?
Sergey2021-10-2612:52Rating: 5
These shares have extremely low liquidity. According to the last application for sale, their price was 0.055 USD per share. You can try to sell them on the over-the-counter market to the issuer himself (PJSC NK Rosneft-Altainenefteprodukt, 656056, Altai Territory, Barnaul, Polzunova St., 22) or through some brokers ...
Sergey2022-09-2902:42Rating: 4
Hello. Is it possible to sell non-listed shares, and how? JSC "Krasnye tekstilshchiki" The main activity is leasing premises. The company itself offers a very low price, 3 times lower than the market price (an assessment was made)
Sergey2022-09-2913:01Rating: 5
If you want to sell more expensive, then try to find a buyer yourself, although this is a rather dubious undertaking. Give ads on Avito or somewhere else ... It is not in vain that the OJSC offers such a price, apparently there are no others who want to buy these shares.
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