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Buying and selling shares

How can I buy shares

How to buy shares

Where and how can I buy shares of reliable companies. What is needed for this. What additional expenses may be required when buying shares and securities. How to choose the right stocks to buy and how to protect yourself from possible risks.

How and to whom you can sell shares

How to sell shares

How and to whom you can sell shares, who generally buys shares. Features of transactions for the sale of shares of Russian companies. What may be required when selling shares and who to contact. When is the best time to sell shares to get the best price.

Current share price

Share price

Features of the value of shares of certain companies. Forecasting the change in the price of shares. How much are the shares of leading companies today. The dynamics of changes in the price of shares and how to sell - buy shares at a bargain price.

Dividends from shares

Amount of dividends

How many dividends are paid by the largest Russian companies in the current and previous years. Dividend forecast for next year. Calculation of the amount of dividends paid.

How to invest correctly

For investors

How to invest free funds and make a profit. Features of the financial market and its patterns. Rules and tips for buying shares and securities.

A share is a security that indicates that its owner (shareholder) is the owner of a certain share of the company and has the right to part of the companys profits (dividends), to participate in the management of the organization and to part of the property in case of bankruptcy.

With the help of promotions, you can both earn and save the accumulated money. But, you need to understand that the price of shares is not fixed and can change from many factors, which sometimes experts cannot predict. Therefore, there is always the possibility that you may lose your investment. However, using simple rules and being guided by common sense, these risks can be significantly reduced.

It is about safe, profitable buying and selling of shares, about the possibility of saving and increasing earned funds, and this site will be discussed.

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