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PJSC Gazprom share price

Gazprom (Gazprom PJSC) is a Russian transcontinental energy corporation, according to an American news agency, it is the worlds largest energy company. The state owns a controlling stake in Gazprom. The company owns the unified gas supply system of Russia and various processing industries. Gazprom has the richest natural gas reserves in the world; annually, the company produces about 20% of world production. It has a monopoly on the export of pipeline gas.

Number of shares: 23,673.51 million

Gazprom share price today

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Gazprom share price dynamics

Change in the value of Gazprom shares (rubles)
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The chart shows the current price of Gazprom shares.

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PJSC Gazprom share price
Max2021-06-1711:21Rating: 5
Cool, he jumped in May. Does anyone know how long this will last?
Sanyok2021-07-0319:07Rating: 5
If I had known the buyback, I would have lived in Sochi ...
Vitek2022-01-2523:21Rating: 5
To whom to sell?
Sergey2022-01-2712:13Rating: 5
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